Maureen Farmer – Helping C-Level Executives Find New Jobs

Maureen Farmer

Maureen Farmer – Helping C-Level Executives Find New Jobs     Subscribe to iTunes     Subscribe to Stitcher Maureen Farmer is an award-winning, executive career strategist with over 25 years of experience.  Her super-power is helping senior executives (CxOs) find the next best executive position. This includes finding their strengths, marketing angles, resume preparation,…

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Fionn Patrick – Winning Bigger & Better Clients Without Pitching

Fionn Patrick – Winning Bigger and Better Clients Without Pitching    Subscribe to iTunes     Subscribe to Stitcher Fionn Patrick is a coach from the UK who specialises in helping business coaches & consultants win bigger & better clients quickly… without pitching. This means it doesn’t involve speaking on stage, podcasting, blogging, spending on…

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Matt Wright – How To Sleep Effectively To Maximize Your Performance

Matt Wright

Matt Wright  – The Sleep Expert Reveals High Performance Tips.     Subscribe on iTunes     Subscribe on Stitcher Matt Wright is an expert on sleeping to maximize performance and he is also a technical wizard at digital marketing. He was the ‘right-hand’ man for Akbar Sheikh who is a well-known marketer helping entrepreneurs scale…

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Rory Stern – Creating Facebook Ads That Convert

Rory Stern

Rory Stern – Creating Facebook Ads That Convert   Subscribe on iTunes     Subscribe on Stitcher Rory Stern is a well-known, respected Facebook Ad expert. He owns a paid traffic agency that helps business and e-commerce owners generate more leads, sales, and raving fans from a cold audience. During this “no stones left unturned” interview,…

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Carlos Redlich – How To Write Copy That Converts

Carlos Redlich

Subscribe on iTunes     Subscribe on Stitcher Carlos Redlich is a respected, 6-figure copywriter who helps his clients sell with salesletters and sales videos. He is also a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do and Mui Thai.  He is the author of the book Copywriting Playbook and author of Udemy courses on martial arts and lead…

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Janet Clark – How To Close High Ticket Items Over The Phone

janet clark

Subscribe on iTunes     Subscribe on Stitcher Janet Clark is an expert on selling high ticket programs over the phone. She has worked and closed sales for top coaching experts such as Ryan Levesque, Alex Mandossian and Bill Baren. If you’re in the business of talking to prospects and getting them to invest $5,000 or…

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Mike Samuels – Making Emails And Webinars Convert

Mike Samuels

Subscribe on iTunes    Subscribe on Stitcher Mike Samuels, a renowned copywriter, is an expert on teaching how to write emails that convert cold leads into customers and also how to create webinars that sell. He is also a qualified personal trainer helping people with fat loss and improve their sports performance. If you want…

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[Part 2] Charles Kirkland Interviews Alan Cheng (Email Marketing)

Charles Kirkland

[Part 2] Charles Kirkland Interviews Alan Cheng – Email Marketing   Charles Kirkland, expert marketer and founder of the Kirkland Media Group, continues the interview with Alan Cheng on email marketing. In part 2 of this interview, Alan explains how email courses can help or fail a person’s business. On this episode, Alan reveals: Why…

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Are videos really effective for your marketing?

Video marketing

Do You Need Videos For Your Marketing   Alan goes into detail the benefits for recording your own videos and how important they really are to your marketing. – Why do some people hate being on camera? – How do you overcome the phobia of recording yourself on camera? – What should you do if you…

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