Matt Wright – How To Sleep Effectively To Maximize Your Performance

Matt Wright

Matt Wright  – The Sleep Expert Reveals High Performance Tips.



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Matt WrightMatt Wright is an expert on sleeping to maximize performance and he is also a technical wizard at digital marketing. He was the ‘right-hand’ man for Akbar Sheikh who is a well-known marketer helping entrepreneurs scale to 7-figures.

In this interview, Matt explains why people have problems sleeping, how to sleep effectively and perform well the next day.

On this episode, Matt reveals:

04:01: How and why did Akbar Sheikh hire him?
08:58: Why do people have problems with sleeping, gaining and behavioural problems?
13:24: Tips for Entrepreneurs who have problems sleeping
18:05: Breathe through your nose or mouth?
21:06: The diet for best sleep?
23:51: Matt’s routine for best sleep and performance 
27:02: Do blue light filters on phone work?


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